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News Famous Director Edward Yang Died Saturday, Mar 25th, 2017 - 09:32AM
Leaving The Wind as His Last Unfinished Project

On Friday, 29 July 2007, famous Taiwanese director Edward died of complications of colon concer in Californica Americaat the age of 59/60 (depending on English/Chinese reports).

In 2003, Edward Yang (杨德昌) formed Armoured Entertainment Technology (铠甲娱乐科技) to lead the development in the animation film industry. His ideology of “Animations are able to push the visual storytelling to unlimited boundaries” conformed to Jackie Chan’s belief. The two thus decided to collaborate in this aspect.

The two decided to create an animation character based on Jackie Chan by Yang’s Armoured Entertainment Technology (co.), and through virtual storytelling, sceneries, characters, they will expand the Jackie Chan-based character to movies, televisions, games and other products. The whole project has a total cost of 7 billion (unsure of currency). The very first film of this project is the animation movie, The Wind. It will cost around 200 million USD to shoot and 3 years to complete. And, after the movie, there would a animated TV serial, with each episode costing 200,000 USD. There would be 52 episode all together, with Jackie Chan designing the actions for the animated characters.

In 2005, Yang revealed to reporters in Cannesthat The Wind would be completed in as early as 2007. However, his sudden death made The Wind his last unfinished film.

Main source: www.cctv.com

Date and Time: 01 July 2007 17:14pm

Reporter: Tang Xiaolang (唐小浪)

Translated by: Anthropy

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