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News Sinjiku Incident Start Shooting in November Saturday, Mar 25th, 2017 - 09:33AM
Jackie in a drama.

After prolonged preparation, Jackie Chan and director Derek Yee Tung-Sing will finally collaborate in November for their new film, Shinjiku Incident. In the film, Jackie Chan will be flexing his acting muscles instead of his kung fu abilities. The main selling point for the film is the drama.

Jackie Chan and Derek Yee have been friends for a long time and the movie Shinjiku Story has also been in the plan for more than ten years. Originally, the film was to start shooting in May last year, but due to Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 3 schedule, the shooting dates have kept changing. The film will be shot in China and Japan. The script by Derek Yee has already been completed. Once Jackie Chan joins the production team, the film can begin.

Jackie Chan, who has been fighting on the silver screen for many years, has received commendations for his dramatic performance in New Police Story. The director wants him to change his usual fighting image and wants to explore the acting potential of the main lead. In the new film, Jackie Chan will be an illegal immigrant and has love relationships with Chinese and Japanese women. During interview, Derek Yee said, “People are too familiar with the image of a fighting Jackie Chan. It’s time for him to move on to drama. I have confidence in him, and I will encourage him to express him dramatic abilities to the fullest. (He) shouldn’t always be fighting.” In the film, Daniel Wu will also play an important role.

Source: Daily News

Date: 9 July 2007

Translated by: Anthropy

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